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Soldiers Dedicate Their Rest Time To The Care Of Koalas Rescued From The Fires

While the Australian bushfires continue to burn across New South Wales and northeast Victoria, they have lost much of their destructive power.

Many people aided in the firefighting and recovery operations, doing various tasks and coordinating efforts for a complete recovery.

The task is difficult, hard, and requires a large number of hands to continue, which is why the Australian government has dispatched a squad of troops to assist in firefighting operations.

Facebook/Australian Army

The Emergency Support Force of the 16th Regiment of the Australian armed forces is in responsibility of assisting the country.

They engage in a variety of actions to help lessen the effects of flames on Australian fauna and flora.

But they made headlines owing to a group of heroic troops who chose to continue to aid and visit wildlife parks to assist rescued animals in their leisure time.

Facebook/Australian Army

Their excursion to Cleland Wildlife Park became viral after they shared it on Facebook.

They were assisting the rescued and injured Koalas by caressing, feeding, and administering vitamins to them. It was a wonderful visit.

Koalas were one of the most severely impacted by the fires, to the point that they were listed as endangered after losing their habitat.

Captain Garnett Hall, Director and Veterinarian of Perth, Australia’s West Coast Veterinary Hospital, told Boredpanda:

“Bushfires have harmed native Australian species like koalas the most, in my opinion. When they are threatened, they instinctively climb trees. When confronted with a fire, however, this reaction results in disaster. Koalas are unable to flee the fires, and as a result, they have died in the majority of the fire-affected regions. Some people have survived, but their hands, feet, and faces have been badly burned.”

The troops also took it upon themselves to create new terrain for the Koalas to walk on, as well as ramps enabling them to climb trees more readily.

Facebook/Australian Army

Despite the fact that Koala rehabilitation is fairly complex, the troops use all of their zeal and experience to get the best outcomes.

Garnett explained:

“Reducing tension and suffering is the most difficult aspect.” Many of these koalas have severe burns, which must be excruciating. They are also terrified since their homes have been destroyed, their friends are most likely dead, and they have been transferred to an unfamiliar location for treatment. We try our utmost to offer enough pain management through anesthesia, but cleaning and treating their burns remains a challenge.”

Facebook/Australian Army

It should be mentioned that the Support Force also attempted to carry out the same actions in the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.