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Security Camera Captures A Dog Saving Her Little Brother Who Fell Into The Pool

While his folks were away from home, a delightful senior dog named Chuck had a terrible time that almost ended in tragedy. He slipped into the pool while wandering silently through his family’s property and was unable to get out on his own. The security camera captured the momentous event.

When Byron Thanarayen and his wife returned home and saw Chuck all wet, they decided to go through the security camera footage to see what had occurred. They witnessed Chuck in the water for a little over half an hour, prompting Jessie to come to his aid.

Facebook/ Byron Thanarayen

The 13-year-old dog attempted multiple times to get out of the water but was unsuccessful. Jessie rushed to her little brother’s side when she sensed he was in distress. The dog was waiting for the right opportunity to seize Chuck and drag him from the water.

It took some time, but Jessie’s cleverness and perseverance in saving her brother ultimately paid off, and she became a hero.

Facebook/ Byron Thanarayen

Chuck may have drowned in the water that day without the intervention of his sister Jessie, according to the footage.

Byron, the puppies’ father, told The Dodo:

“We were completely unaware that Jessie was a hero. She is, after all, a really lovely, affectionate, and friendly dog. But we never suspected her of having a heroic streak.”

None of the dogs had ever before fallen into the pool. However, now that the family has realized how dangerous it is for their dogs, they intend to take efforts to prevent repeat catastrophe.

For her part, Jessie is getting plenty of pampering and goodies fit for a heroine, and Chuck is in excellent spirits, knowing that he will always be secure with his sister.

Facebook/ Byron Thanarayen