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Man Finds An Abandoned Parrot Egg And…Suddenly Bird Started Hatching

A man has found an abandoned parrot egg and decided to do something adorable.

The YouTube channel A Chick Called Albert has posted a video of a tiny parakeet. Parrot egg was found at a pet shop and soon, tiny parakeet egg grows into a lovely little bird.

“I was in a pet shop, when I noticed something odd,” reads the text in the video. “There was a little egg on the floor of the budgie’s cage. I only saw a male budgie. The owner told me she had just sold the female. Luckily, she was happy to give the egg to me.”

Man put the egg inside an incubator and after some days, he saw a cute baby bird.

Finally, bird started hatching.

“From that moment on, he grew fast,” reads the text in the video. The guy points out how he had to rotate the egg three times a day—turns out, one has to do it to prevent the developing bird from sticking to the shell.

Bird was so small and so adorable!