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Guy Eating At Burger King Suddenly Realizes He’s Being Watched

John McIntyre stopped by his neighborhood Burger King in Colorado for a quick meal earlier this week. However, not long after relaxing into his seat, he began to get an unsettling sensation: he was being watched.

He was, in fact, there.

When McIntyre looked over his shoulder to check, he observed a weird man looking at him from near the restaurant’s slushie fountain.


Initially, McIntyre believed the animal was someone’s pet, but this was not the case. They identified the young guy as a ringtail cat, a raccoon-like species common to the area, after showing the clip to his father.

When they’re not hanging out in fast food places, they look like this:


When The Dodo called the Burger King, the person who answered declined to comment on what transpired next. The ringtail cat, on the other hand, seemed to have made a break for it.

“We suspect the same one that was recently seen inside the neighborhood Burger King,” said an employee at a neighboring auto dealership after seeing a ringtail cat stroll into their property.

Tim Caudill, an animal control officer, arrived quickly to securely collect up the stray ringtail cat.

Caudill told The Dodo, “I brought him out to the west side of town, where there’s a colony of them, and I left him loose there.” “He appeared to be in good health. He bolted as soon as I opened the door.”