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Wild Parrot Falls In Love With Woman, They Are Inseparable Now

A wild parrot was recently seen at Carolina Medeiros’s home in Brazil. Such a lovely moment, right?

The golden-capped parakeet was standing outside Medeiros’s house.

Woman got surprised.

“I was extremely surprised,” Medeiros told The Dodo.

She immediately decided to offer the parrot a banana.

“She was very shy and skittish at first, but that changed when she saw the banana,” Medeiros said. “It was magical.”

But parrot decided to return the other day.

“She started feeling confident,” Medeiros said.

On the third day, parrot flew into Medeiros’ apartment.

They immediately became friends. Also, woman named her Tatá.

Now bird visits her new friend daily.

“She’d go to my house at 6:30 a.m. and knock on the window until I opened it so she could enter,” Medeiros said.

“She’d spend most of the day with me,” Medeiros said. “Then, at around 6:30 p.m., she’d fly to the top of a tree right near my house with the rest of her flock.”

And.. that’s so cute! Their friendship is so adorable and lovely.