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They Rescue A Cougar From The Zoo That Cannot Be Returned To Its Habitat And Lives Like A Spoiled Kitten

Many people are captivated by animals, and it is common to hear about individuals who adopt puppies or cats in order to provide them with a better life and affection. What is surprising, however, is that there are individuals in the world who are capable of adopting creatures that belong to a certain ecosystem, thereby disobeying the animal world’s regulations.

Mariya and Aleksander Dmittriev are a Russian couple that rescued an 8-month-old cougar from the Saransk Zoo in Penza. The kitten was one of three puppies born in the park; the other two were named Suárez and Neimar, while Messi was the name given to our protagonist.

The pair mentions that they have always desired a cat but never imagined that a cougar would be a part of their lives, therefore Mariya’s small kitty is part of her destiny.

“We debated for three days whether it was moral to have a cougar, if it was common sense, but we couldn’t stop ourselves.” So we went to the zoo and began negotiating for Messi’s purchase. When they agreed, we were taken aback.”

When they completed the necessary formalities for his adoption, they faced a significant challenge: Messi was frail and required special care.

Messi is a very powerful animal that requires frequent activity, so the family treats him like a typical pet while going on family vacations or taking walks in the park. They even purchased him a specific harness for walks.

Messi is just two-thirds the size of a typical cougar and weighs just over 40 kg because to his health problems, which prevent him from growing normally. Despite being ten times the size of a typical cat, it seems to be the size of a large dog.

It was tough for the family to teach the feline, but they eventually found a dog school that accepted Messi, and the giant cat now listens to various orders.

“His actions persuaded us that he is a member of the family and that he would do nothing wrong but cause mischief.” He is an extremely pleasant person who enjoys interacting with others. He gets along swimmingly with others.”

Mariya and Dmittriev are so pleased with their new family member that they even designed a section of the room specifically for Messi, including a tree and bamboo barriers so that his large cat could play and hide as much as he wanted. Messi has all of the traits of a kitten.

Naturally, adopting an animal of this sort has drawn criticism; many people have questioned the couple’s decision to adopt the puma, claiming that the feline should be placed in a refuge or reserve. The pair, on the other hand, feel that Messi’s upbringing prevents him from surviving in the wild with other animals.

A cougar has no place in a home, despite its unconditional affection.

Although many of us feel Messi would be better off in a sanctuary, the truth is that Messi appears happy today owing to the fact that he was taken out of a zoo where he was in poor conditions; otherwise, his future would be unknown.

All animals would be happier if they could live in their natural habitat and care for the environment.