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Woman Gets The Most Adorable Tattoo For Her Beloved Dog That Passed Away

Anna Halcin and her dog were always together- they were best friends.

Their friendship was so unique.

“He was special to me, and always will be,” Halcin told The Dodo. “We were absolutely best friends.”

“He loved giving my arm a hug,” Halcin said.

But Sebastian passed away last October. Anna was so sad and heartbroken.

Suddenly, she thought of having a tattoo to cherish her dog forever.

“I wanted something that was always with me, no matter what, and a tattoo seemed just perfect,” Halcin said.
This tattoo helped her a lot. It looks like dog is hugging her all the time.

“Now, every time I look down, it’s like he is hugging me,” Halcin said. “That’s helped me cope quite a bit.”

Sebastian may be gone but his memory will be forever in Anna’s heart.