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Navy Spots The Tiniest Survivors Clinging To Sinking Ship

A fire broke out onboard a fishing boat kilometers off the coast of Thailand earlier this week, disabling the vessel and forcing it to take on water, prompting an emergency call.

A nearby boat heard the distress call and came to the rescue, bringing the eight-man crew to safety.

However, not everyone on board had been rescued.

The Royal Thai Navy was then ordered to examine the damaged fishing boat, which was on the point of sinking at the time.

Fortunately, someone realized that the boat still had a few individuals on board.

Four cats in need of rescue were clinging to life on the ill-fated ship.

Tattaphon Sai, a naval sailor, jumped into action at that point.

He swam out to the fishing boat, where he encountered the cats…

… and swam them each back to safety.

The cats clung to Sai’s back as he swam them to the naval vessel, wet and scared. They seemed to realize that he was there to rescue their lives.

And that’s exactly what he accomplished, with little time to spare before the boat sank.

The cats had all been saved because to Sai’s bravery.

They were greeted warmly aboard the naval ship and given food and drink to help them recuperate from their experience. Fortunately, despite their terrifying journey, all of the cats were in fair condition.

It’s unclear if the cats climbed aboard and hid in the fishing boat, or if they were ignored during the evacuation of the fishing crew. But one thing is certain: they are in terrific hands right now.

Now that they’re back on dry land, the cats are content in the care of their naval rescuers, which has resulted in some cute depictions of their newfound friendships.