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This Little Dog Couldn’t Contain Her Excitement As She Waited To Be Served After Picking Out The Biggest Toy In The Store

The toy I so much wanted a tiny dog called Lucy to have is finally hers, and she can’t wait to take it home and adore it. The plush toy made this Yorkshire Terrier’s tiny body appear even smaller.

When Lucy was out with her human parents, she picked this teddy bear. He was said to be the biggest in the store, and Lucy couldn’t have been happier with her choice.

Lucy patiently waited for her toy to be purchased and brought to her in the cute stills.

Lucy’s excitement can be seen in the video as she tries to peek over the counter.

Lucy’s human mother may be heard recounting the incident behind the camera, but it is Lucy’s eager but ecstatic gestures that convey the entire story:

«Lucy is in the box, waiting for her toy. She went with the biggest.

As the deal nears completion, Lucy lets a sigh of relief leave her lips. She has lost control of her small puppy body and is bouncing up and down with delight.

He dashes out of the store and towards his car as soon as the toy is handed to him. This diva is not to be trifled with.

Lucy’s mother said that she enjoys shopping and takes purchase selections extremely seriously:

“Going toy shopping with Lucy is something we do very frequently. We always let her choose the toy she wants…she’ll stand on the bottom shelf (one she can easily reach) and smell and seek for what she believes is the ideal toy. She’ll sniff a few times before making a decision.”

She grabs what she believes is the perfect toy and is ready to go as soon as she finds it. We let her take it to the check-in desk with her, and she does her hardest to be patient while the clerk is handling her toy.

She continued, ”

“She smiles as she watches, and as soon as her father hands her the toy, she takes it and runs to the front door!” She’ll march out the door as if she’s on a mission, heading straight for the automobile.”