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Family Mourning Loved One’s Death Gets Mysterious Visit From A Friendly Bird

Dorothy Booth of Virginia died quietly last month at the age of 97, leaving a void in the hearts of all who knew and loved her.

But, not long after Booth’s death, her bereaved family was visited by a strange guest whose arrival couldn’t have come at a better time.


Debbie and Jeanne, Booth’s kids, had spoken to her about what was beyond the gap before he died, asking if she might connect with them beyond the barrier if she could.

“They chatted with Grandma many times, lightheartedly, even playfully,” Booth’s granddaughter-in-law Angela Abbott Patteson told The Dodo. “‘Hey, when you get to heaven, see if you can send a sign to let everyone know you’re there and happy.’ ‘I’ll see what I can do!’ she would remark. ‘Send a cardinal!’ they demanded. Because that was a favorite bird of Grandma’s.”


“When my father-in-law stepped outdoors, he noticed a cardinal. There was nothing wrong with it; it was just sitting there, alert and peaceful “Patteson explained. “He was able to go close enough to pick it up. It was taken inside the home by him. [Debbie and Jeanne] were overjoyed. ‘Oh my god, that actually happened!’ they said as they snapped photos and cried.”

Every second with the bird seemed like an answered prayer to Booth’s family. However, after spending a few minutes together indoors, they thought it was best to release the cardinal.

However, as you can see, their visitor was not willing to depart:

Patteson explained, “They tried to release it, but the bird circled around and settled on her shoulder.” “They were overjoyed that it had happened.”

Booth’s daughters placed the cardinal on a branch after a few more moments together. The bird waited for a few moments before taking off.