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A Dog Overcomes Her Great Fear Of Snow, Just To Be Able To See, Greet And Hug Her Best Friend

Emily, Justin Thomas, and their dog, Pax, moved into a new home in October 2020. Everyone was pleased, but Pax was especially pleased to have such a large patio. He also had some fantastic new neighbors to meet, especially since the people next door had recently adopted a new puppy named Penny.

It was love at first sight for the affable Pax, who was overjoyed to have a four-legged pal to play with all day.

According to Emily, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Pax and Penny met in March 2021 when she was only about 3 months old, but they got along swimmingly.”


The neighbors walled off their yard but left a gate open at the back to allow Pax and Penny to play together.


Pax began looking for her every time she went out after that, and when she arrived at the fence, everyone turned to witness them say hello and kiss. Every day or every time they go out, Pax and Penny meet each other and share kisses over the fence, and they never pass up the opportunity.

They also play tug-of-war with a wind-up toy across the fence, and they share their toys.


Their parents make it a point to get them together to play, even if it’s just in their own backyards. Until the snowfall, nothing could keep them apart.

Emily continued, ”

“While Pax enjoys the snow and will lie in a lump outside for as long as we let him, Penny despises both snow and rain.”

Penny was not happy when it snowed a lot during the winter season, and she didn’t want to go out, leaving her friend alone.


Pax was heartbroken; he stayed on the fence for a long time, waiting for his friend to emerge from her home; he plainly missed her a lot. Penny was not there to welcome him as usual, and the dog assumed they had been separated for no apparent reason.

Penny’s parents, on the other hand, saw how upset their buddy Pax was and devised a strategy to assist them.


To make Penny feel more at ease, her neighbors decided to clear a path through the snow from her house to the fence. She was apprehensive at first, but she remembered Pax and did it for him, and she eventually returned to her customary location and was able to meet up with her companion.

Penny decided to join Pax in enjoying the snow after seeing him do so, and she was soon playing without fear.

Pax assisted Penny in overcoming her worries, and the couple will never longer be separated due to the snow.

Emily had this to say:

“They were ecstatic to see each other, and she plunged right in once she had Pax to motivate her.” Since then, they’ve had snow playdates virtually every day!”