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Rescuers Find A Lost Dog And Bundle Her Up To Keep Her Warm

When our pets go missing, we do all we can to locate them as fast as possible and return them to their rightful owners. Luna, a three-year-old jindo dog that lives with her owners in North Vancouver, Canada, was last seen on November 29 in the Lower Lonsdale region. In this scenario, they formed a Facebook group to seek assistance from other members.

CREDIT: Nicola Chapman

Luna’s photo and contact information were posted in case anyone spotted her. Since then, they’ve been pleading with the rest of the gang to help them return Luna to her family. «

If you see her, don’t approach her, don’t call her by her name, don’t look her in the eyes, and so on. “Just be informed of her whereabouts and call Her’s,” group administrator Nicola Chapman said.

Luna’s owners had been waiting for that special call with the wonderful news for many days when it finally arrived.

CREDIT: Nicola Chapman

Luna had finally emerged at 8 a.m. on Grouse Mountain, which is located in the same city as he does. Her life had regained their joy.

The operations team employees were directed by Luna’s footsteps in the snow in the region where she was discovered. She was discovered under a cargo bed.

Her teammates had recognized her from images she had shared on her Facebook page. “One of our team members, Gordon McNaughton, was able to crawl below the platform to reach her and presented her with a sweater to keep her warm,” the Grouse Mountain team stated in a statement.

CREDIT: Nicola Chapman