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After A Year Apart, A Blind And Deaf Dog Recognizes Her Granddad

Bitsy is a charming deaf and blind dog who has been with us for the past five years. Her grandfather Steve was concerned about the young girl’s future; he was concerned about what sort of life the 5-week-old could lead and how he would accomplish all of the regular tasks of a dog with his limits, but Bitsy’s vitality and delight quickly cured all of his grandfather’s anxieties.

Bitsy is a shining example of how, despite adversity, you can live a perfectly happy life, as well as the necessity of determination and the desire to live despite all of the road’s challenges.


Bitsy is not a helpless dog, as her grandfather mistakenly assumed in the heat of his grief. This young lady has traveled throughout the nation with her mother, hiking, kayaking, and even riding skateboards. This fearless furry and her mother have no bounds.

Hayden explains:

“Bitsy is the world’s sweetest, kindest, most loving, most faithful dog. She is fearless and enjoys trying new things! ”


Bitsy’s granddad adores her and likes spending time with her whenever the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, when the COVID-19 limits went into effect last year, one of the most major and complicated adjustments for Bitsy was that they had to cease seeing his relatives, which meant that visits to his grandfather had to halt.

Bitsy’s mother had this to say:

«He is her biggest supporter and cheerleader. He will brag about how terrific he is and how much he loves her to anybody who would listen. He spoils her with snacks and toys and likes to be around her, as a regular grandfather would.


Bitsy was eventually reunited with his grandfather after a little more than a year. Steve, for one, was worried that Bitsy would forget about him after such a long time away, but this was far from the case; Bitsy never stopped thinking about him and was overjoyed to be reunited with him.


Steve shared the following on Facebook:

“As soon as she got within smell range, she went insane with delight.” I’m the same way. Bitsy has again demonstrated that the abilities he possesses greatly outweigh the ones he lacks. What a great and amazing soul you have.

Bitsy displayed his undying love and devotion to his family. The amazing reunion of Bitsy and his grandfather was captured in a video that Hayden shared on his various social media platforms and instantly went viral.


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