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The Dog Is Holding A Bucket To Aid His Father In Picking Up Leaves Off The Sidewalk

While driving to work in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil, a social media user filmed an unexpected and extremely charming scene. A lovely dog called Max holds a bucket as he patiently waits for his foster father to sweep up and pick up the dry leaves off his home’s walkway in a short video shared to Instagram.

The film depicts the mutual cooperation that exists between man and dog. Thousands of people’s hearts were undoubtedly grabbed by these photographs.


Of course, the comments on the sweet video did not wait, as many people who appreciated the footage posted on @jubitterncorte’s TikTok account sent loving notes for Max.


But that’s not all; the video, which has already received over 600,000 likes and innumerable comments, has now gone viral on Instagram, where it has received just over 41,000 likes and millions of comments praising the beautiful and loyal puppy’s conduct.

One of the users mentions in one of the comments on the internet platforms:

I hope the pay is reasonable! Of course, in snacks.