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People Are Killing Baby Seals By Taking Them Home

This should never be one of the great things you may take home from the beach – gorgeous stones, halcyon memories, sand on your shoes.

Baby seals are not pets, contrary to popular belief. Humans are terrible moms for seals. Their biological mothers are seldom far behind.

Unfortunately, at least five examples of individuals finding seal pups and attempting to take them home have been documented in recent months.

“If there’s one message I’m sending out, it’s that if you see a seal on the beach, leave him alone,” Kathy Zagzebski, executive director of the National Marine Life Center, told The Dodo in May, just as baby seal season was getting underway. “Mom returns frequently. Also, please contact your local seal rescue group so that we can investigate.”

Selfishness, on the other hand, appears to be permanent.

A lady in Westport, Washington, plucked a harbor seal off a beach in May. She allegedly placed the newborn seal in a shopping bag, but when she returned home, the animal was motionless. The seal had to be put down by wildlife officials.

Another instance from Oregon demonstrates that people may be too concerned about orphaned seals. When a couple discovered a seal pup on a Garibaldi beach, they didn’t spot the mother and assumed the kid was orphaned.

The couple wrapped the seal in a towel, carried her inside, and attempted to revive her in the shower. Despite the fact that wildlife officials returned the seal to the shore the next day, she was eventually discovered dead.

The tragic irony is that the newborn seal was most likely abandoned on the shore as her mother foraged for food.

“Every year, we see a major difficulty with adorable young puppies left on the shore totally fine, perfectly healthy – until humans come along,” Zagzebski explained.

Kindness has the potential to kill. You don’t always have to take an animal home to do irreversible harm. Selfies may be just as dangerous.

However, many of us find it difficult to walk away from a lone newborn seal on the beach.

“These creatures have a natural allure. When you see one on the beach, you can’t help but be drawn in. They’re rather diminutive. They’re in danger “The Marine Mammal Center in Northern California’s executive director, Jeff Boehm, told the Associated Press.