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Dog Couldn’t Contain Happiness After His Parents Got Engaged, Such An Heartwarming Moment!

Meet Sonny — a lovely dog that adores his owners, Madison and Jack. He is so happy to have a loving home.

One day, Jack surprised Madison. He asked for her hand to get married together.

Dog saw the adorable scene and looked so happy about them both.

“I was so emotional seeing Jack on one knee,” Madison told The Dodo. “I’ve wanted to marry him for a long time.”

Actually he had the best reaction ever.

Madison said yes to Jack’s proposal, of course. And in his own way, Sonny did, too. Sonny started running and got so excited.

This was the most heartwarming moment!

“I started crying straight away,” Madison said. “Then, when Sonny started getting the zoomies, I couldn’t help but laugh because he was going so fast. I think I realized that I had everything I ever needed in life in that moment.”

Sonny is so happy about them!