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Sick And Desperate Dog That Was Rescued Couldn’t Stand On Her Legs But Now Can Walk Easily And Is Feeling Better

An Alabai breed dog was found all alone, sick and desperate near garages in Nalchik, Russia.

The volunteers at KP helped dog immediately and took her to Moscow. Now dog has a name. You can call her Almira.
Dog was too sick that she refused to eat. She looked so sad and afraid of everything. Soon, Almira gained confidence.

Now she is feeling strong again after all the medications.

Liza reported about Almira’s current state exclusively for Bored Panda. “Now Almira feels better, but unfortunately we have some problems with her weight, it’s not so easy to get her fit because of her health. We’re working on it. Almira is so glad to be with a human! She can’t sleep alone, only with someone who can take care of her,” she told. “Two months ago she couldn’t stand on her legs and now she goes first on the walk”.

Such a good news. Lucky Almira.