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While Being Videotaped, A Laborer Breaks His Job To Approach A Horse On The Street

To shine on the Internet, you don’t have to be a famous artist, athlete, or singer. The fact is that social media is being infiltrated by an army of animal-empathy stories that help us reclaim our humanity.

Credit: ivanisegasparim

In recent days, a video surfaced that rocked the foundations of hundreds of millions of hearts, in which we saw a guy working on a construction site in the street halt his job when a thirsty horse approached him, as if attempting to convince him that I need your aid.

Water and care were given to the horse by the topic. The photographs were taken by coincidence in the area of a street in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

The fact is that everything happened out of the blue; definitely the man is unaware that he is being videotaped. His move, in fact, continues to elicit reactions on social media.

Credit: ivanisegasparim

The user @ivanisegasparim’s Instagram post received a lot of admiration and acclaim from people all around the world. Hundreds of thousands of likes, raised fists, and supportive comments flooded Felipe Bandeira’s footage within minutes.

“Dedicating that moment to the horse made all the difference,” a netizen says.

Credit: ivanisegasparim

On the other hand, as is clear, our brave protagonist’s name remains a secret. What matters is that his good deeds and complete identification with a person in distress, who is more vulnerable, were enough for him to be praised everywhere.

It’s also unclear how the horse ended up meeting the worker. However, he placed the needs of the suffering animal ahead of his own and took the time required to guarantee that the animal was satisfied and calmed down.

Credit: ivanisegasparim

“It’s unclear how or why the events transpired, but the beauty of it all is that a man abandoned his work for a minute when he saw an animal in need, and the horse received the assistance it required,” says another remark.

Because the horse is thin and thirsty, it’s probable that it was stolen from a nearby ranch and mistreated there.

We hope we’re mistaken, or that the authorities intervene to aid the animal if it’s needed. Hair does not deserve to live in such perilous and awful circumstances.

Credit: ivanisegasparim