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The Grateful Rescued Dog Can’t Seem To Quit Hugging Everyone He Sees

When Toro first arrived at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, kennel and placement supervisor Melissa Fogarty recalls him being anxious and hiding behind his armor from strangers.

The animal’s personality has evolved over time, and he now likes cuddling everyone he encounters.

According to Melissa, who spoke to The Dodo,

“When he initially came, he was jittery and shut himself up.” He’s become more at ease with the people he knows, but he’s still a little frightened at the shelter.


Toro appeared to be a frightened child at first, but he quickly taught his rescuers all he knew about love and never stopped delivering hugs whenever the opportunity arose.

Melissa says she was one of the first persons to receive hugs from Toro after participating in one of his socialization walks.


Melissa explains:

“We probably left him loose on our side playground for 15 minutes when the embrace happened. He simply crept over to me, sat on my lap, and clutched my chest… He grew up there and now hugs all of his buddies here.

In the shelter, the adorable dog is still scared, but he knows he is protected. He has a home, food, and is appreciative for it all, and he knows how to show it whenever he has the opportunity.

Toro embraces all the volunteers in her way or anybody who rushes into her path, Melissa claims, as soon as she exits the kennels.


Toro was adopted in January, but was returned to the shelter the following week because he didn’t seem to fit in with his new family; he is still looking for a forever home where he can offer all of his love and give plenty of hugs.


This rescue dog need a home where you can provide discipline, structure, and plenty of love. You’ll still need training and some fundamental house rules, and having him as the only pet in the house would be ideal for his anxious attitude.


Toro is more than ready to find the perfect home after a year; his rescuers are perplexed as to why such a nice dog has yet to be adopted by a family.

Melissa continued:

“He’s a middle-aged pit bull mix residing in a high-consumption municipal shelter, so I don’t imagine he’s been adopted.” It gets lost in the sea of dogs in kennels that don’t look nice.


We’re confident Toro will soon find the perfect spot to receive affection and give all of the hugs it still has. This cute fuzzy will undoubtedly find a good permanent home where he will be extremely pleased.