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Neighbor Is Always Doing The Nicest Thing For The Dog, Jumping Up To Say Hello

Sometimes all it takes is an open heart and a sense of compassion to break through the boundaries that divide us, but a power drill may also assist.

Jennifer Bowman of California recently went above and above to make it simpler for a dog next door to visit her and her dog on a daily basis.

Because of the towering wooden fence separating their homes, Penny, the sociable dog, had to expend a lot of energy just to say hi. As a result, Bowman decided to take action.

Bowman said online, “I got tired of the neighbors German Shepherd leaping over the fence so I created her a peeping point.” “I believe she enjoys it.”

Penny now has a complete view of her neighbor’s yard, as well as the scents, owing to the three holes Bowman drilled in the fence.

If only all of your neighbors were this nice.

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