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See These Beautiful Pictures Of Rescued Donkeys, They Look So Adorable

Cute pictures of rescued donkeys were captured in the Italian Donkey Sanctuary, based in the UK.

135 donkeys and mules (a mix between dad donkey and mum horse) live at animal rescue center, most of them saved after mistreatments and neglect.

R. Totaro writes that their body and souls recover: the young, healthy ones can find a new home (always in pair, because donkeys have strong bonds and often a best friend for life!), while the “donkey grannies” or the ones with ailments have the warranty of a safe place where they can spend the rest of their lives.

Donkeys are clever, curious, playful, friendly, sometimes naughty… and each of these beautiful animals is unique.
Take a look at the beautiful photos of these gorgeous long-eared girls and boys living at Il Rifugio, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them as I do every day!