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While Walking Down the Street, a Couple Heard Kittens in a Bin and Knew They Had to Help

Luke Hewick and Lauren Hartley, a couple from Hull, England, were out for a stroll in early July and chose to deviate from their normal course.
The sound of kittens whimpering stopped them as they passed by a trash bin.


In an RSPCA report provided with Love Meow, Luke claimed, “We wouldn’t typically walk down that way but Lauren thought we should just for a change.”
“We’d stopped close to touch a nice cat and were going away when we heard some small miaow sounds, so I assumed the cat had following us.”

Luke didn’t see anything when he turned around until Lauren noticed the noise was coming from the garbage.
She saw movement inside a huge suitcase and informed Luke, who went to check.


They got the bag, opened it, and discovered another bag inside that needed to be untied.

They spotted two terrified kittens cuddled together in an attempt to remain warm. There had been a storm the day before, and the kittens were shivering and wet.

Luke dashed home to fetch some towels right away. The tabbies were then wrapped up and carried home to safety by the couple.
They contacted the RSPCA and offered to keep the kittens for the night so that they could be looked after, or so they thought.


“We were pleased to watch after them,” Luke explained, “but they quickly won us over.”
“I believe we were supposed to keep the kittens since we traveled that way and stumbled across them.”

The young tabbies had been cleaned up and were overjoyed to be warm and have their tummies filled at long last.
They burst forth from their shells and declared the area their domain.

“Even though we’ve only had them for a few days, their lively personalities have already emerged.”


In the meanwhile, the RSPCA has begun an inquiry into what happened to the kittens in the hopes of apprehending the perpetrator.

Roscoe and Lyla, two eight-week-old kittens, have been lovingly named.
They quickly explored every nook and corner of their home and grew to love their neighbors.

The two mischievous youngsters adore scampering about the home, snatching all the pets and hugs from their adoring owners.


Luke and Lauren purchased several lovely gifts for their adoring kitties, but quickly learned that their tastes were different.

The tabbies are more drawn to the cardboard boxes and have transformed them into small fortresses than of playing with the selection of cat toys.


The feline siblings don’t have to worry about food or shelter anymore, and they’re roaming about like they own the place.
They don’t think twice about grabbing their owners’ attention and crawling over their shoulders to get up close and personal – goodbye, privacy.

“These two are our prized possessions. We’re convinced we found them for a purpose. They will undoubtedly lead happy lives with us.”