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21 Animals Who Look Like They’re About To Release The Year’s Most Popular Albums

We’ve done it all: funny animals, cute animals, and fluffy creatures. But we’ve never addressed animals with such seriousness as these. These creatures are already putting on their game faces for new album covers to grab the prizes next year, even if the Grammys have passed them by. Adele, hold on to your seat.

It’s not a coincidence, we believe. These hilarious creatures were well aware that they were posing for their much-anticipated album artworks. They’ve had days’ worth of hits in their nests, and all they have to do now is send them to radio and have them top the charts.

Now, scroll down to see the sexiest and funniest animal photos fit for the newest and most popular album covers. Also, if your pet is planning a #fire new release this year, add the humorous photographs to our list below:

#1 The Up-And-Coming Music Legends

CREDIT: Rob MacInnis

#2 They Look Like They’re Posing For A Cover Of A 90s Rap Album

CREDIT: notthatdanadane

#3 These Cows Look Like They’re About To Release The Year’s Hottest Indie Rock Album

CREDIT: BookerDeWittsCarbine

#4 Norwegian Black Metal Puppies

#5 For Their Debut Rap Album, The Meow-tang Clan Pose

CREDIT: yoremahm

#6 The Band With The Twin Guitarists

CREDIT: yoremahm

#7 The Pop Trio Owls

CREDIT: Sompob Sasi-Smit

#8 This Mandrill Appears To Be Preparing To Release The Year’s Hottest Mixtape

CREDIT: spicedpumpkins

#9 This Dog And Owl are releasing a new album.

CREDIT: Tanja Brandt

#10 The Electronic Rock Penguins

CREDIT: Wyndmere

#11 Icelandic Horse Pop Duo from the 1980s

CREDIT: Aurel Manea

#12 The Newest Grunge Band In The Scene

CREDIT: raask

#13 Emo Rabbit Is About To Release His First Solo Album

CREDIT: raask

#14 Fall Out Boy

CREDIT: 88kncorbett

#15 The Hard Rock Squirrels

#16 This dog in the shower appears to be about to release the hottest album.

CREDIT: reddit

#17 Finnish Metal Band

CREDIT: AllLebedev

#18 One Direction

#19 This Meerkat Family Is Putting Out a Family Album This Year

#20 The Emo Revival Duo

CREDIT: imgur

#21 This Retriever Is Finally Putting Out His Own Album

CREDIT: aspenthemountainpup