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Cats Are Being Brought In By A Japanese Company To Help With Employee Stress

Long office hours and stressed-out staff are well-known in Japan, but one firm claims to have a cure: cats. To alleviate the stressful job atmosphere, the Japanese IT business Ferray has established a “office cat” policy. In the Ferray Tokyo office, a total of 9 fluffy felines eat, sleep, and wander about freely.

There are a total of nine sweet kitties that are free to wander the office and do whatever they like.

The firm’s CEO, Hidenobu Fukuda, instituted the famous cat policy in 2000 in response to a request from one of his workers, enabling employees to bring their cats to work. He consented, and since then, he has allowed any employee to bring their BFFs to work with them.

Eri Ito, a Ferray employee, is a believer in the animal’s relaxing skills.

Ito remarked, “Cats are sleeping right next us…therapeutic.” It’s

Fukuda not only supports bringing cats to work, but he also encourages rescues from Japan’s overcrowded shelters and streets.


But, as Fukuda confessed, having felines in the office has its drawbacks.

He explained, “Sometimes a cat will walk on a phone and cut off the conversation, or they may shut down computers by stepping onto the off button.”

His workers, as well as the cats, have reaped the benefits of having cats in the office. Many other businesses have followed suit, and there are now over 60 registered cat cafés all over Tokyo.