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Hidden Camera Captures Dogs Arriving At Their Doggy Daycare

When Laken Molly Richardson first opened Two Brown Dogs Doggy Daycare in New Zealand a year ago, she was hoping to create a fun, safe space for dogs to relax and play. She now has about 15 dogs show up each day — and every single one of them is always SO excited to be there.

Richardson’s doggy daycare is so much fun that most dogs can’t wait to arrive in the morning, and to prove it, Richardson decided to set up a camera capturing the moment each dog came in.

The results are absolutely perfect.

Each dog who arrives is always so happy, and each one has a different way of expressing it.

Some of the dogs can barely stay on their leashes …

… some run ahead of their parents just to get to the door quicker …

… and some leap right out of their cars and inside, not even looking back to say goodbye.

Of course, some dogs are a bit hesitant at first — but Richardson always knows how to help, and they’re usually off having a blast in no time.

“New dogs take a while to get into the routine, but once they do, they love it,” Richardson told The Dodo. “We also take nervous/anxious dogs and do some training with them.”

After a full day of playing and lots of fun, most of the dogs are exhausted and ready to head home — but not always.

“There are a few dogs that I have to grab so they will go out the door because they love it that much,” Richardson said.

Luckily, they always get to come back the next day — and Richardson gets to capture their pure excitement all over again.