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After eing Rejected By His Mother, A Baby Chimp clutches A Toy Monkey

Djibril is a young chimp that had to learn to survive when his mother Kika, who was rescued from a circus, abandoned him at the zoo in Malaga, Spain, after he was born.

The caretakers had to act as surrogate parents for the child while they sought for an adoptive mother who could raise him and offer him with the care that humans couldn’t. He sought solace in a stuffed monkey while this was going on.

Djibril found a new family at the BIOPARK Valencia animal park when he was 16 months old.

A plush monkey is hugged by a baby chimp.

The animals’ wellbeing is prioritized at this sanctuary, which provides an appropriate natural setting for their comfort and rehabilitation. There, the tiny one found a home with Eva, an adoptive mother.

Djibril, a little boy, arrived to BIOPARK Valencia in July 2019 and had a difficult start. He paired up with Malin, a chimp, but he was uninterested in accepting the kid. Fortunately, Eva, another ape in the group, took the infant in and provided shelter and care.

Eva had no prior experience as a mother, but when she met young Djibril, her instincts kicked in, and the two of them worked through each issue together. According to Bored Panda, the monkey now has a family, a year after his debut at the park.

Djibril is critical to the survival of an endangered subspecies. According to World Wildlife Fund records, he is a member of the so-called western chimpanzee, a species that is endangered in its native habitat (WWF).

Chimpanzees are in perilous situations. The species has already vanished in four nations.

In the other areas where these chimpanzees dwell, they are already threatened with extinction. The partnership and effort between BIOPARC Fuengirola and BIOPARC Valencia is critical to the conservation of this subspecies.