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Dad, Who First Resisted Having A Dog, Now Tucks Him In For A Nap

Although most people like dogs unconditionally, there are some individuals who avoid them for different reasons.

Oliver, a beautiful Golden Retriever dog, was adopted by Rachael Rodrigues seven years ago. She was ecstatic, though a little taken aback.

He was delighted, but he didn’t sure what to do with it because he knew his parents’ feelings on dogs.

Dad was adamant about avoiding having a dog, but now he has one.

According to Rachael, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Because we had always had cats and they were unwilling to undertake the extra effort (training, walking, grooming, etc.) that comes with a dog, my parents were extremely anti-dog.”

Despite this, she chose to bring her new pet home, and she was pleasantly surprised by her parents’ reaction.

Oliver’s parents adopted him, and pretty long, they were utterly enamored with him, something Rachael had never experienced. But, owing to Oliver’s endearing nature, his parents succumbed to his charms, and he quickly became a family member.

The most wonderful thing was how ecstatic Rachael’s father was with Oliver; their link was so strong that they developed a special bond very quickly.

Rachael explained:

Dad was smitten from the start. He used to wander about the house with Oliver in his arms. We believed Oliver had a stomach pain and wouldn’t sleep through the night the first week we received it, so Dad slept on the floor with him beneath a blanket all night, rubbing his tummy.

They’ve been inseparable since they met, and Oliver has taken extra special care of her and has become her sweetheart.

Although he despises admitting it, Rachael’s father has treated Oliver like one of the family’s children, which the dog adores.

Oliver’s father adores him so much that when it’s time for him to nap, he wraps him in a blanket to keep him warm. This lovely view occurs every time it’s time to sleep, and it’s without a doubt one of the most beautiful sights on the planet.

Rachael explained:

“Dad decided to cover Oliver since he was sleeping on his pillow.”

Oliver is tucked in by Rachael’s father like a huge child, and despite the fact that he never wanted a dog, he has become his love.

The lovely incident was captured on film and shared on Oliver’s Instagram, where it drew a lot of attention.

Now, Oliver is Rachael’s father’s favorite kid, and without a doubt, Oliver adores his human father as well.