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Rescued An Abandoned Kitten Left By The Road – My Dog Is A Big Fan So Far

One evening, we came upon a little gray furball in the grass by a road. The area was sadly known for people dropping off their unwanted cats, given that a person living nearby would, on occasion, leave food out for them.

The kitten was malnourished and ridden with fleas, though very curious and playful. We decided to give him a new chance in life, bringing him home, feeding him proper food, and taking him to the vet.

His fur fell out in a few spots considering how bad the flea infestation got, and even the vet was surprised such a young kitten survived it. He got a kitten-friendly flea treatment and got introduced to the rest of our pets – two cats, and a Samoyed dog.

The cats weren’t very enthusiastic, though they didn’t mind him all that much either. The dog, on the other hand, fell in love with the little guy as soon as she saw him. She kept whining as she looked at him, begging to be let closer to him. She loves our other cats too and considering how gentle and kind she is, we finally let them meet properly. And so, a friendship was born.

She was overjoyed meeting the little guy, and took any chance she could to be close to him

At first, he was nervous, but relaxed once he realized she meant no harm for him

He didn’t enjoy the fact she drooled all over him much, but she grew on him too. He is a friendly little guy, loves the company of humans, taking any chance to nap on someone’s chest while purring loudly

His fur is slowly growing back, and you can already tell he’s going to be a majestic cat once he grows up. Combined with his friendly nature, he really does make a wonderful cat friend

Her name is Tina, and we named him Teddy. He is the second kitten we brought home while she was in it, and the first one grew up to love her to bits. And I’m sure this one will too